Sure wanna be: Archaeologist

«… dig for stuff from the comforts of your own home…»

Remember when archaeologists were all tough and active and even sorta endangered like Indiana Jones? Well, things have changed. Nowadays, you can dig for stuff from the comforts of your own home, or even from your office chair.

Ah, remember the Indiana Jones films?

Many years of searching for a particular underwater ruin in Holland have proved to be in vain when the searcher – an amateur archaeologist by the name of Cor Schipper – turned to Google Earth/Maps for a change.

Lo and behold: the ancient castle of Hulckesteijn, that he had been looking for for all these years, suddenly appeared on the satellite picture. It looked like an inverted "L" shape, but he knew right away what it was. In fact, he had been searching on that very spot before.


So, if you've always been impressed by Indiana J. – but haven't been able to find anything of value since you were five years old and caught hold of a marble in a praticularly nice shade of blue – crank up your web browser now and search for stuff never found in real life before. And become the archaeologist that you've always wanted to be...

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