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«… you're within inches
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You really wanna be a policeman, a firefighter or even an airline steward(ess). Or maybe you’re just desperate to get on this awesome theme park ride, but you can’t because you’re under 140 cm tall. Well, in the latter case I’d advise against getting an operation, but there is now hope for people needing just a couple of extra centimeters to pass the job application ‘physical’.

In Spain, for example, a stewardess needs to be at least 162 cm tall. Policemen 165 cm, police women 160 cm. There’s a long list of jobs where you have to reach a minimum size to even be allowed to apply. Of course you can try the old trick of lying in bed for days and only getting up minutes before your height is measured, but this method is not all that reliable. These days, there is a better and altogether more permanent way. Forget about getting a bo*b job, a perked-up bum or even a pecks jobbie. Get some extra height implanted right underneath your scalp — in the shape of a silicone implant.

Spanish doctor Luis de la Cruz had been fitting people with head implants for years, when suddenly he got the idea of adding padding to the top of the heads of job applicants so they could reach their respective goals. The Clinica La Luz plastic surgeon stumbled across the idea when a girl – desperate to become a stewardess – asked for his help in growing just half an inch taller. A small incision, a tiny bag of silicone and a couple of hours later she was ready for the job. Do keep in mind that this procedure will alter the shape of your head though. It’s perfect for the roundheads among us — in fact they will gain in the looks department too. However, better not to try it if you’re bald. Sorry.


So are you really sure you want to go through with this? Do you feel you're within inches of your dream job, only hampered by your "vertical challenge"? Do you think it’s worth about 5000 euros? Then don’t bother wearing high-heeled boots. Don’t fall for these painful and intrusive bone-stretching operations that will have you limping into the job application office — covered in plaster. Instead, use your head to get ahead.

To get proper surgery for growing Tall near you, take a look here:

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