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«… Claustrophobes need not apply. Seriously…»

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to become an astronaut. But it's close. While nowadays you only need lots of money (millions of dollars) to hitch a ride on a Russian space shuttle, to actually become a professional astronaut takes more than that. And then there's the risk involved...

Of course, space travel is highly exciting. A new milestone is reached every year. People are planning to take to the planets in our solar system now. Who wouldn't wanna be a part of that? Sure you would. So if you feel you are ready for an exhausting training programme and are not afraid of a long series of medical exams and weird tests, then you may well be suited to follow into the footsteps of heroes like Gagarin and Armstrong. And Laika before them, back in 1957 :-)

Getting into space and staying there demands a lot of your body and mind. You have to be able to make split-second decisions in life-threatening situations. Your body has to cope with extreme conditions, especially varying gravity forces. You're going to have to perform scientific experiments, operate very complicated machinery and computers and maybe even get out of the spacecraft in a space suit to fix a broken windscreen wiper or something. Claustrophobes need not apply. Seriously. If you start panicking whenever you're locked in a stalled elevator, then living for days or even weeks packed with others in a tiny spaceship is not for you.


Note that if you're not fully grown yet, and if you expect your adult self to be less than perfect, then look elsewhere for a job. A space travel technician or engineer could be the next best thing. And – of course – if you make enough money with that, you can always buy yourself into a spacecraft as a sponsor/passenger. But if you feel you can take on the world — from a distance of millions of miles, then go for it by all means.

For proper Astronaut education near you, take a look here:

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