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«… no cute little bitch has offered to pose for him yet…»

Ok, maybe not literally... But painting animals sure are successful these days. Of course we all know about creative chimps and elephants. Even dolphins appear to be handy with the paintbrush – their paintings will fetch up to hundreds of bucks at holiday resorts.

But hey, that's all getting a bit too common. How about a dog with a paintbrush and a gift for High Art? Take for example the new "Leonardo Da Vinci of Animal Art" – Sam the dog. At age 6, he is already making $1700 a piece. All abstract art of course - no cute little bitch has offered to pose for him yet.

This particular dog is from Eastern Shore, Maryland. And his work – 22 fine pieces so far – is exhibited in fancy art galleries in New York. He tends to work on the shadowy bits first, then adding the bright colours and highlights. A real professional. Of course, this little doggie is not only a great artist, he also has a heart of gold. All of his painting profits are donated to Shore Service Dogs, a foundation that trains dogs to help handicapped people.


But the possibilities are endless. Surely you cannot become an artistic animal. But why not train one? A cat or a goat is of course a safe next step. Or a nice and fluffy sheep – great for action painting. Or go for a real challenge and teach your pet giant cockroach a combo of the fine arts of pointillism and tapdancing!

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