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«… What you need are big fat tires and brakes that will knock the fillings out of your teeth…»

You’ve just crashed your first car. Or worse, you’re not old enough to have a driver’s licence yet, so you’ve just crashed your dad’s car. But it’s ok, because no-one got hurt and besides, it wasn’t your fault: the car just couldn’t handle your cornering speed. What you need are big fat tires and brakes that will knock the fillings out of your teeth. Blame it on the lack of rubber and ceramics and be a bit more careful next time on the road.

Most – but not all – race car drivers started out on the cart track at a very young age. A lot of today’s Formula One heroes know each other from childhood, when they tried to run each other off the go-cart track. Yesterday’s boy racer winners are now well-paid racing car pilots. Even the also-rans have a fantastic job with a matching salary. So try carting first and see if you’re really racing material. Don’t forget to invite the local newspaper to the race by the time you expect to win.

If you’re really good and stand out from the crowd then all it takes to get a chance are contacts. Networking. Visit every race you can. Work your way into the pits – best get a vip card first – and show your face to every driver, mechanic and team owner you can find. Try and stay away from the pit girls though: you want to come over as a professional, not a Casanova! Tip for the girl racing driver wannabe: don’t dress like a pit girl. Same reason.


Also, don’t wear the colours and badges of one particular team, unless you are very determined to join them and none of the others. Imagine being kicked out by McLaren for being dressed head to toe in fire engine red and for wearing a cap and waving a flag that say “Schumi 4ever”. Besides, 2006 is Michael’s last season anyway, so no need to get hysterical. If you must wear your favourite team’s colours, make it a reversible jacket with a neutral “inside”. And bring your trophies…

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