Sure wanna be: Cheerful in the Morning

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«… a coffee machine with a timer – put it in the bedroom…»

Let's face it: you're grumpy in the morning. If you even have an alarm clock, it's looking battered and bruised and it's probably lying in the far corner of your bedroom. Obviously, this is not very helpful if you want to have a nice full time job, since most of those tend to start in the early morning indeed. Here are a couple of tips to help you cheer up...

First of all, get some light in to set your 'biological clock' an hour early. Artificial light therapy is ok, but real sunlight is best. Why not leave the curtains half open and let Daylight Savings Time do the rest? You'll find that waking up with the early sunlight will – in time – make you want to go to bed a bit earlier too.

Start the day nice and slow. Make preparations the night before, so you can take the time to wake up properly and don't have to rush things. A cup of coffee would be good. But even better would be to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, wafting in from the kitchen at just the right time. So get yourself a coffee machine with a timer – put it in the bedroom even for extra effect.


To help you get a good night's sleep in the first place, try to really slow down in the evening. Dim your lights, don't do too many chores, and end your tv night with watching something particularly boring. Of course, in case nothing works to get your mood up in the morning, then just aim for jobs that allow you to growl at people, like for example Immigration Officer, Interim Manager or P.E. Teacher.

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