Sure wanna be: Lighthouse Keeper

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«… and make sure you pack loads of spare bulbs…»

You're not a city person. Peace and quiet is what you like, as well as the smell of the sea and the wind in your hair. You're really not interested in a stressful desk job, and you're worried if you'll ever find a career that suits you.
Well, there's a light at the horizon (!)

Look no further: there's always the noble job of Lighthouse Keeper. It's a bit lonely at the top, but at least you'll be at the very top. Every day in fact. Watching out for ships, looking for storms – heck... even tsunamis these days – you'll be making the world a better place. From a distance. You might even spot a sea monster or perhaps a mermaid, who knows.

Of course you're gonna have to pick a nice one. Ok, any tatty old lighthouse will do, but it would be even better to run and maintain a pretty one that's the subject of many paintings and films. It has to be solid as well, because you really need to feel safe up there in stormy weather. Oh and make sure you pack loads of spare bulbs.


Don't be afraid you're gonna need to climb hundreds of stairs every day. Nowadays, you can build a lift into anything. And you'll need one too, because you'll appreciate the extra cash made from the odd tourist wanting to come up and enjoy the view. Don't go overboard with the tourists though; after all, you wanted peace and quiet...

For proper Lighthouses near you, take a look here:

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