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«… sense of speed and power and agility…»

Have you always envied birds - or even bats and flies - because they were able to take to the air at will? Do you value total freedom above anything else? Do you often dream you can fly by just extending your arms and taking off - often slowly, but steadily - and with a large virtual grin on your face? I'm sure you've seen all the Superman films too. In short: you'd just love to become a pilot.

Lots of boys (even more so than girls) think of jet fighters when they dream about flying. The sense of speed and power and agility... But becoming a jet fighter pilot is very hard. You will need to have the exact right "build", stamina and dedication to get there in the end. And of course you will have to join the air force or a similar military force that operates jets. The selection process is severe, with various tests and exams to work out if you are the right one for the job. You have to be pretty smart too, because the tests are both practical and theoretical ...and of a high level (which is to be expected of course for a job in the sky).

Even a good candidate can be rejected for a number of petty reasons; poor eyesight for example. So, if you really must fly a jet and you're already wearing glasses, chances are you're gonna have to get an eye correction operation first (and well in advance). But keep in mind that there are other ways to fly, like on commercial aircraft. The selection criteria for airline pilots are strict too, but not as harsh as the military standards.


But the possibilities are endless, just like the skies you want to be in! Consider becoming a helicopter pilot as used on rescue missions and police work. Smaller airplanes need pilots too and there are lots of job opportunities in that field. Think of crop dusters, advertising banner planes, tourist excursion charters, even firefighting aeroplanes. Just remember that becoming a pilot requires determination and great skill: it probably pays to practise in advance on a local strip, after a number of private lessons, to see if you have a feel for flying.

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