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«… constantly thinking of butterflies, blossom, or even birds+bees, then slap yourself in the face…»

There's always one -- maybe even more. At school, at work, a couple of doors down in your own street... Someone you've always adored, but who's way too pretty or too cool for you to walk up to and have a cosy little chat with. But hey, that can be sorted out. Take a deep breath... then take small steps.

The solution: the anonymous letter, accompanied by a sweet little Valentine's Day gift. You could go for the obvious choice of chocolate, candy or red roses. Always a safe bet. But what you really want is for the gift to almost reveal who you are -- and how much you really care. What you're aiming for is for him or her to come up to you and ask -- with a smile -- "Awww, did you send me this?"

Now, don't overdo the letter. If it's too mushy then it will most likely make the object of your attention burst into thundrous laughter, or maybe even gag. No, better to be subtle, tender but cool, sweet yet humorous, affectionate and still in control of yourself. If you're constantly thinking of butterflies, blossom, or even birds+bees, then slap yourself in the face before proof-reading. Seriously.


You'll need to pay great attention to the Valentine's gift though. It has to be appealing to your Valentine, and at the same time say "you" in loving, curly letters. If you're known to be a dreamer, give your prospective loved one a free hot air balloon ride (for two of course). If you're a gardener, then mow his/her lawn and trim the hedge. If you're an Indian librarian, then you might even get away with giving a copy of the Kama Sutra. Hey and if you're a total nerd, then why not make a little Tribute Website or email a collection of haikus?

For proper Valentine near you, take a look here:

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