Sure wanna be: Ambulance Driver

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«… where breath of life meets race to the death…»

You are a caring person, but you also have a need for speed. You dream of hurtling through the streets with your mean machine and about people getting out of your way in pure awe while you're at it. Admit it: you wanna be an Ambulance Driver.

It's a challenge. As you may know, ambulances are not exactly built by Lamborghini or TVR. No, instead, they are bulky, cumbersome, slow and ugly to boot. The only cool thing is the siren coupled with the flashing blue lights on top and the sense of "owning the road". On top of that it's a noble job, so of course you're just gonna take the crappy vehicle for granted and put the pedal to the metal.

But hey, it takes training and practice. Even if you already have your driver's license, you're gonna have to learn to drive all over again. It helps if you have a truck driving license, but you'll have to be re-programmed anyway. Even the way you're holding the wheel is crucial. Forget about how you're driving now. It takes loads of precision, alertness and insight to be an Ambulance Driver.


Most Ambulance Drivers are part-time medics as well. That takes even more training and education, but of course it's worth it. After all, nothing beats resuscitating the poor sod you've just run over in the first place while speeding through town trying to save someone else. Ambulance driver: where breath of life meets race to the death.

For proper Ambulance Driver education near you, take a look here:

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