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« hairy chests and... spandex»

So you like power, explosive reactions, hairy chests and... spandex? You've always liked films like "Men in Tights", except that you've longed for more colour and more muscle. Umm, are you sure? Never mind, this is the perfect job for you.

Remember Hulk Hogan and the like? I'm sure you do. Doesn't he remind you of superheroes like Superman and Batman and the Hulk? And you know exactly what made those heroes shine and stand out from the crowd. Exactly: their outfits.

Wouldn't it be great to design the costumes of super heroes. Of course, we all know that Spiderman is a fictional character. But how 'bout the next best thing – professional wrestlers? They sure need costumes, because the old days of Greek wrestlers a-wrestling in the buff are a thing of the past. They are dying for costumes to make them stand out some more (in a decent way) and help them play the roles they chose for themselves.


So why not help them out and be a pro wrestling costume designer? It would only take one truly great costume to get your name on the list. Then keep up the pace and you'd be on a roll – designing costumes for the cream of the US' top wrestlers. Of course, one of the perks of this job would be that you can try on the costumes and live your hero's life, if only for five minutes. Don't forget to wear your briefs though if you do that...

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