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«… Get yourself a whoppin' big mirror and watch yourself perform…»

So you're a great mover and shaker... When you hear music, any music, you just have to move your body. People say you have great style and rhythm. In short, you have "dance" written all over you. Surely, you'll become a professional dancer or – better yet – a dancing instructor!

As with any job, you have to get the basics right. Talent is one thing, practice is another. Get yourself a whoppin' big mirror and watch yourself perform all the good moves. Don't forget that dance is not all show. You have to be able to dance in a subtle – and even restraint – manner as well.

The next question is: can you teach other people to dance (almost) as well as you do? Can you make people shine and glow? Do you have it in you to grab other people by the hips and rock them till they get the point. Don't forget that this is the really hard part.


But if you have a talent for that as well, you're on a roll. There are various schools that can hone your rhythm and dancing skills, from ballet schools to rock academies. Pick one near you and see if you're up for it. Most of these schools require an audition: a good way to check if "humanity" thinks you're as good as you think you are...

For proper Dancer education near you, take a look here:

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