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«… throw out the chipboard furniture and smelly carpets…»

Wanting to become an interior designer does not have to run in the family. In fact, most often it's a reaction to being brought up in a home without style, beauty and a cosy atmosphere. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, of course. We can't all be stylish people with a good taste and sense of quality. And think about it: just because your parents couldn't think of a reason to throw out the chipboard furniture and smelly carpets, you may well become the next king/queen of interior decoration.

Especially Europe has a nice history of design. No-one will deny that Milan, Italy is the place to be when it comes to furniture and decoration. Luckily, style and taste travel well and design schools can now be found all over the world. However, each country has its specific – and for some odd reason very persistent – design elements. People kinda expect Dutch designers to perform no-frills Dutch Design, Swedes to make things a bit more colourful, and Japanese to use strong geometric shapes and translucent materials. If you're especially fond of a particular country's design style, then you may have to move there to pick up the nuances during your education.

How do you know you will be perfect for the job? Well, you can't be sure, but there are tell-tale signs. Are you a left-hander? Do you spend more than ten minutes each morning just thinking of what you're gonna wear? Do you always switch on multiple (little) lights rather than the large one that's on the ceiling? Do you have a cat in one single colour and are you prepared to switch it for another one if you buy a new carpet? And do you know that pink and orange usually clash? If you can answer yes on most these questions, then you're halfway there.


Needless to say that you can't be colour-blind and have to be able to hold a pencil. But most importantly, you must learn – or better yet: know – how to create a hype, get people to copy you. You can be an adequate designer if you don't, but a great and famous one if you do.

For proper Interior Designer education near you, take a look here:

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