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«… a calming and soothing effect on animals…»

You are the ultimate animal lover. You spend hours talking to your goldfish and give it a bowl of fresh water three times a week. Someone gave you a puppy when you were little, and now you and your dog are inseparable. Whenever you see an animal in distress, you cringe. And of course you've donated to Wildlife Funds on numerous occasions. And you're good at doing precision needlework – evidently.

In short: you have it in you to become a veterinarian and treat pets or farm animals or even zoo animals when they are hurt or ill. A noble job. The little critters will thank you for it with a loving lick or a friendly cuddle. Or... they might just eat you or break you in half in case you want to become a zoo specialist, and if you don't know how to aim well with a tranquiliser gun. By the way: please don't practise that skill in public.

On farms, vets often have to assist when cows and sheep are giving birth. Note that, even though procreation is a beautiful thing, the mess involved is not very pretty and can ruin your appetite for days. Other than that, cows and horses have to be approached with some caution, especially when they are in pain. But if you've seen the film "the Horse Whisperer" and you feel confident, that shouldn't be a large problem. At least not as big a problem as handling a stressed gorilla or an angry snapping turtle.


So if you think you have a calming and soothing effect on animals, have the dexterity to thread a needle without hurting yourself or your environment, and can take the occasional kick in the shins, then why not become a veterinarian? Just know that vet education involves a long time of study and practice. Think seven years or more, following high school. But the hard work will be greatly rewarded in the end, if only with a happy look from a healthy puppy or a free rabbit from a litter you helped save.

For proper Vet education near you, take a look here:

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