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«… don't just sit on your beautifully- tanned butt…»

Some people just spend every minute they have on the beach. Well, not exactly on the beach, but rather off-shore. If you are a regular beach bum with great balance and competition drive and you'd like to turn your hobby into a profession, then being a pro surfer might be just the thing for you.

You have to practise a lot, though. Hours and hours of getting onto a board and falling off again. If you don't fall off a lot, then you're not trying hard enough. It's imperative that you push the boundaries and don't just sit on your beautifully- tanned butt and ride the occasional little wave. Push it, take some risk, try to improve your technique and your "feel" for the waves.

It's no use waiting for the "Big Kahuna" either. You have to practise your skills in all conditions. And if there are really no waves, then try walking a tightrope, or even take up skateboarding. Just – please – don't cause any road accidents: there are enough lunatics on the road already without prospective pro surfers terrorising the streets with freaky moves, a laid-back attitude and in-your-face-clothing. That goes especially for the girls (!)


If you have trouble getting any good practising opportunities at all, then why not move to a spot where you have a better chance of riding a respectable wave? And if you're not living on the coast, and are not prepared to move, then a job as a pro skateboarder or even a circus artist may be better suited. Furthermore: if you fall off your board all the time, but you still wanna be at the beach and you have a tendency to help people, then becoming a Coast Guard or even Ice Cream Man/Woman may be a better choice for you.

For proper Surfer education near you, take a look here:

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