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«… eat a dozen raw oysters while keeping a straight face…»

What could be better than being pampered and treated like a king while getting paid in the process? How would you like to be fed the world's finest food for free, several times a week? So, if you know how to handle a fish knife, lobster cracker and champagne glass, read on.

Word of warning: this job is not for the squeamish, nor for the bad-mannered. After all, you're not supposed to spit out a lump of foie gras and ask for a burger instead. No, in order to become a decent Food Critic, you need to enjoy at least the majority of dishes, including some posh but nasty ones. So make sure this is what you want.

For example, can you eat a dozen raw oysters while keeping a straight face? Pasta died black using squid ink? A pig's head? Carpaccio of calf's liver? Surströmming or Rakfisk? Haggis? People want to read about the exotic stuff, so basically it would be up to you to taste it. Skin and gut and all.


Then, on some occasions, even the most famous Restaurant Critics are served a truly unpalatable dish. Something utterly ghastly. You're gonna need to compose yourself and remain polite, and maybe give the offending chef in question a chance to redeem himself. Save your shocking critiques for your column, so your gourmet readers will get something good to chew on for themselves.

For proper Food Critic training near you, take a look here:

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