Sure wanna be: Lumberjack

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«… get the job done without accidentally cutting your own leg off…»

With your best girlie by your side, jumping from tree to tree... Wouldn't we all want to be a rugged lumberjack? Hmm, maybe not the wussy version that Monty Python have been singing about. No, I mean the real deal: butch, free and in touch with nature.

Of course you need to be handy with a chainsaw to be a lumberjack these days. Being able to juggle chainsaws is a bonus, but not necessary. No need to clown about, you only have to get the job done without accidentally cutting your own leg off or dropping trees on your mates.

So are you really sure that you're cut out for this job? Will you look good in a flannel shirt? Can you hold your balance on top of a wet, floating log of wood and will you look cool in the process? Of course you will.


Nowadays, there's also this very impressive bit of machinery that wood cutters get to play with. It's called a feller/buncher. How cool is that, eh!? Just remember: every time you've chopped down a tree, plant a couple of new ones to compensate. As a modern lumberjack, you have to be "green". Wear a green flannel shirt, just so you won't forget.

For proper Lumberjack education near you, take a look here:

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