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«… follow and observe people without them noticing…»

Stealthy, resourceful, inquisitive (bordering on nosy) like Sherlock, that's what you are. Often a bit lonely as well, but that's ok. After all you're one of the few people in a world full of criminals, cheaters, insurance fraudsters and other types of liars. You feel like making the world a better place — but from behind the curtains if at all possible.

What you want is to become a Private Investigator. Free-lance of course, picking your clients wisely, because deep down you know if they're legit or just trying to fool you. But you'll need to practise getting the information without getting a beating. And – according to numerous reports – it's hard to follow and observe people without them noticing or even calling the cops on you.

You really need to get your act together. Don't bother with cutting little holes into newspapers to peek through. People know about that trick by now — they've seen the films. Instead, try and blend into the background or be as loud and annoying as you can so people will do their best to ignore you. It's gonna take months, even years of training to perfect that. Once you've mastered that, you'll be almost ready for the job.


So, how good do you look wearing an Hawaiian shirt? Are you really sure you're cut out to be Private Eye? Ok, so maybe Magnum P.I. is not the best example. I mean how stealthy can you be wearing shirts like that and zipping around in a red Ferrari, unless you happen to live in a tropical tax haven. Nah, better to pick a role model with a trenchcoat and a mysterious "air", à la Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade or Dick Tracy. Of course, the latter isn't really a Private Detective, but still a loner and very cool. Oh, and don't wear your trenchcoat in the park on a hot summer day, or you'll get arrested.

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