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«… become a Hitman with a conscience…»

Admit it, you’ve been watching too many films where some criminal – an assassin even – is the protagonist. One of the best examples being Leon, which is known to move even the ‘ardest of blokes to tears.

Also, you remember famous assassinations like JFK’s, but you think you can do better. As in: only hit bad people, not nice ones. You like to think you can become a Hitman with a conscience.

Are you really sure? I mean — there’s abolutely no glamour in being a Hitman. You have to wake up early, stay up late, stay away from coffee and alcohol so you don’t tremble when aiming… There are no perks. Hit(wo)men are lonely creatures with abominable manners and matching social life. They don’t even have a club. (Unless you count a well-used, hence slightly bent, golf club.)


Of course, if you must, then please learn how to shoot. You don’t want to just clip the ear of your victims — even though they are probably worse persons than Saddam, Gengis Khan and Hitler combined – and cause them to suffer needlessly. Hmmm. On second thought, you might wanna go and study law instead.

For proper Hitman education near you, take a look here:

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