Sure wanna be: Zookeeper

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« horses are a bit common. Why not become a crocodile whisperer instead?»

You really have this thing with animals. You love ‘em to bits. Not literally of course. And you don’t wanna become a vet because you don’t like to wait till the animal gets ill. No no, you want to be with anmials all the time. A job at a zoo would be ideal for you.

You need to be patient and understanding. If you wanted, you could become a horse whisperer, except that horses are a bit common. Why not become a crocodile whisperer instead? In fact, crocodiles are good to practise with: they can be subdued by covering their eyes (for starters). That said, please don’t try this at home.

Maybe it would be smarter to start with something simpler and less deadly. Let’s say: the family hamster… Do you have one that’s lived for over a year? Do you feed it every day — preferably at the same time of day? Do you happily muck out its cage, while whistling or singing? In that case you’re the perfect candidate.


By the way, don’t let the hamster’s size fool you. These animals can be quite dangerous, especially if your fingers look a bit like carrots! If you are especially fond of white mice – however – then a job as a zoo keeper is not for you. Unless you like to eat them like the birds of prey and the snakes do.

For proper Zookeeper education near you, take a look here:

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