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It doesn’t really matter if you’re married or not. It doesn’t matter if the longest lasting successful “relationship” you’ve ever had was the one with your pet rabbit. All that matters for a relational therapist is that you can make people believe you know all the ins and outs of relationships.

You can start practising at a young age. Lots of kids and teenagers can be very insecure when it comes to friendship and romance. That’s where you can step in as a mediator. And these early relations tend to break up quickly - leaving two sad victims of love in need of comfort…and counsel.

At first, your advice will often be “off”, but as you learn you’ll get the hang of it. What’s more, you will learn to turn things around if you’ve messed up, convincing people of the idea that they should have listened more closely and followed your advice more carefully. But even if they really didn’t listen, never lose your temper. Part of a marriage counsellor’s power lies in the soothing but commanding voice and the calm, comforting look on the face.


Try to stay away from the complex stuff in the beginning. Things like polygamy, “free” and everchanging relations can lead to icky lawsuits once the other party finds out. Some types of relations even require the assistance of a regular doctor first, before you’d discuss them on your “couch”. Ew…! Finally – please – don’t ever talk people into having a baby to save their marriage. Recommend a Tamagotchi or a goldfish at most.

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