Sure wanna be: Flirting for Success

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«… Be a great flirt and the world is your oyster…»

A large part of networking and getting ahead consists of – indeed – flirting. What you really want is for people to notice and like you. Be a great flirt and the world is your oyster. But keep in mind that flirting is not just what you do with your boyfriend or girlfriend when on a date; it's part of everyday life. It's almost the same thing, but different.

The basics of effective flirting include:

Flirtation takes lots of practice, and subtlety. So are you really cut out for this? Can you flirt with people in a pseudo-innocent manner — i.e. limit yourself to asexual coquetry? Surely you don't wanna come over as a trollop or as a Don Juan — if you get my drift. If you can, then here's a couple more pointers for those who think they are up to it…


(Tips, continued:)Remember that flirting serves a purpose. You're so gonna be successful. Believe me.

For proper 'flirt workshops' near you, take a look here:

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