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«… Dinos are still out there and they were not bred by mad scientists…»

Whenever you see a crocodile or a shark, your eyes glaze over and you think about the rough times – millions of years ago – when these creatures were already roaming the world. Gotta love these fierce, ancient animals that still look now as they did then, scales and fangs and bloodshot eyes and all. Surely there have to be more animals around like those, but smarter, more elusive, hiding away from people's prying eyes. How you'd love to catch one, if only on video. In fact you're practising daily, playing Turok – Dinosaur Hunter or something similar.

You remember seeing pictures of surprised fishermen finding a presumedly extinct coelacanth in their nets but you think: "I can do better than that." Forget fiction like Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World" in Venzuela or even "King Kong". Dinos are still out there and they were not bred by mad scientists like in Jurassic Park. No, you want to discover the real deal and you are willing to dedicate decades of your life to that worthy cause.

But are you really sure about that? You know many people have tried. Scientists and amateurs have spent many an hour scouring the surface of Scottish lochs for traces of Nessie. In all parts of the world, people have been searching for mythical creatures including the giant serpents of Congo's Lake Télé and the pre-historic flying monsters of Middle and South America. Even though a large part of the Amazon region remains undiscovered to date, wouldn't these modern-day dinos have been discovered by now? What would make you of all people succeed where others have failed, apart from sheer dedication?


That said, technology is getting better and better by the day, and besides: the Amazon rain forest is getting smaller and patchier by the day. Surely, one day, these creatures will be forced out of their hiding places only to be captured on film by you and your faithful crew. So make sure you have the right equipment, get your hiking boots on and keep your eyes peeled. After all, those sighting reports must be based on something, right?

For proper dinosaur hunting near you, take a look here:

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