Sure wanna be: Cowboy

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«… make camp fires and eat beans from a can…»

You're a real horse person. Every time you hear the song "Tennessee Stud", your eyes start to twinkle.You love to make camp fires and eat beans from a can. The smell of leather, fresh country air, aaah... how you'd like to be a proper Cowboy...

You have to be rugged, able to take a bit of a beating. Not necessarily during a fight in some smokey saloon, but during the job as well. Cows look pretty docile, but at times they can be quite unfriendly. In the past, all bronco-bustin' cowboys chewed and smoked tobacco, drank cheap whiskey like sponges and swore all day — but that's not mandatory in these modern times.

The problem is that the cow biz has been modernized a bit. People depend on automatic milking machines and on the animals being smart enough to get to these things in time. Electric fences take care of the rest. Unless you're prepared to move to a very remote area – for example in South America – real Cowboy jobs are a bit hard to come by, these days.


But there are several "specialty" options to consider. Lots of jobs have cowboy elements in them. Think of McCloud, mounted city policeman, and lots of bikers have cowboy blood as well. Professional dog catcher is another one that requires Wild West skills. Or just become a Country & Western singer and be famous.

For proper Cowboy education near you, take a look here:

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