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«… When you're cooking an egg, be the egg…»

Everybody knows that the coolest Muppet character is in fact the chef. Everybody except for some chickens maybe... Anyway — wouldn't we all want to be just as cool as him and chop stuff up with a gigantic knife that doesn't require a weapons permit? Wouldn't we all like to be able to turn yucky things like slimy snails, floppy leaves and mucky potatoes into tasty tidbits?

Nothing impresses your loved one more than a delicately prepared bit of food that tickles the tastebuds. Think: strawberries covered in chocolate or a nicely presented plate of oysters. And you know that you can't go out to a fast-food joint every time. On the other hand, at a young age you can't afford to dine in posh restaurants too often. Cooking for yourself may be the answer.

Of course, you mustn't stop there. Most people start out by copying their mum's style — unless she's the very reason you're taking up cooking in the first place. But you have to expand. Ask friends and relatives for recipes of their favourite dishes. Try and produce good food with as few ingredients as possible. Once you've mastered that, you're well on your way.


Get a feel for what's good and what's not. When you're cooking an egg, be the egg so you'll know in time when it's done. At some point, you have to be skilled enough to cook fancy foods without a recipe whatsoever. Only then will you be ready for an education in food preparation techniques. And if all your attempts fail, don't despair. You may not be cooking school material, but with the right sauces added, you'll still be able to make your dishes tasty enough for people to hold down.

For proper Chef education near you, take a look here:

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