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«… show your face and do away with props…»

If you're a bit of a "fibber" who usually gets away with little – and bigger – lies, and if you don't like politics (yet), then you're destined to become a story-teller. In fact you don't have to become one. Either you are one or you are not. Most important things you need are a huge imagination and a good speaking-voice.

What you don't wanna be is a bedtime story-teller. That may come in handy as soon as you have kids, or if your baby niece comes over and has to be put to bed, but that's all a bit small-scale. Some radio presenters would be great at telling bedtime stories and will make you yawn in between the late night radio songs. But you know it's far more interesting to speak to a large audience from up close, so you can see people's faces as they gaze at you and listen to your captivating story.

As you probably know from experience — the best way to get people to believe you when you're lying to them, is to distract them in a way. Not in a nervous, hopping and bouncing sorta way, but with a little on-topic distraction. That's why storytellers have invented sockpuppets. Some of them take sockpuppeteering to the extreme, and divert all attention to the puppets. But as you build confidence, one day you'll be brave enough to show your face and do away with props. In the end, your voice and story should be enough to grab people's attention for at least an hour at a time.


Now you may think that storytelling is not a job you can make lots of money with. But that's a lie. Think about what most parents would be happy to spend for one hour of care-free shopping, while you keep their snotty kids quiet. Multiply that by – say – thirty and that's for just one hour of work. Also, think of this job as a stepping-stone. Sooner or later, you will become interested in politics, and you'll have a head start. Next level is to become a minister, even a president, or (if your heart really lies with sockpuppeteering) one-of their spin-doctors...

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