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«… take the money that's not even yours but that's destined for you to spend…»

There's nothing like spending money on stuff you don't really need. Oh wait, there is: try spending someone else's money on stuff you don't need, and getting paid while you're at it. Sounds too good to be true? Hmm, not if you're a rich person's Personal Shopper.

Let's face it: some people have no taste at all. And some of them know they don't. Of course, only a small portion of those people have money to burn. Now that's your target group. No good being a Personal Shopper for someone with a credit card limit. Eww no... pick a celebrity if you can, and preferably not one with a drug habit or involved in an icky divorce case.

You don't even need a real education for this job, although it helps if you've taken Home Economics 101. All you need is style – oodles of style – and a way to impose your fashion sense onto other people. Also, you need to look good yourself, but not perfect. What you want is to make your client think he or she will look better than you with the right outfit and accessories. Deep down you know they will never, but you gotta keep em trying and spending loads of money in the process.


So, are you sure you're cut out for this job? Can you really be less than perfect – fashion-wise? Are you prepared to stalk your celeb-of-choice and convince him or her that you are the only one who can make him/her look better? Do you have the connections, the mindset, the drive to take the money that's not even yours but that's destined for you to spend? Then be a Personal Shopper. Oh and don't forget to buy yourself some new kit now and again.

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